mahnomen fire hall

Location: Mahnomen, Minnesota


The City of Mahnomen has a Volunteer Fire Department that serves two cities and multiple surrounding townships. The renovation of the fire hall addressed many deficiencies with three primary goals of increasing vehicle access, having a safe secure training area and provide a unified exterior facade.

In the center of multiple additions, a small 1950’s building was removed and the space infilled to create two additional vehicle bays and central turnout gear space. A new training space for up to 50 people, kitchen and offices were expanded to an adjacent building allowing for a safe separation from the vehicle bays. A new façade with stone applied to the exterior wall reflects the history of City Hall building that is located on the same street corner as well as bringing in a new language of materials that can be used for other city owned properties. Other improvements include upgraded ventilation system for the vehicle bays, full sprinkler system, reroofing and heated floor system in the addition.

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