Simply put, we create places for people with purpose. We believe architecture, when designed with purpose, can create a spirit of place, connecting people to their environment, each other, and to their communities. 

connecting with people

By discovering how you live, learn, work, play, or worship helps us create a client-focused design that meets your aspirations. At Foss, we love fresh ideas, design challenges, and a creative atmosphere. We believe that the best results come through a spirited involvement of the team and recognize there is always something to learn with each design experience. 

Designing with Purpose

Designing with purpose will help focus your goals into a meaningful design solution. Through an integrated design process, we will work with you to establish your priorities while working within your budget. We believe any building can be cost effective while still being innovative, sustainable, functional, and beautiful. 

Creating a Sense of Place

Architecture is rooted in traditions of craft and culture. Our buildings shape our relationship to the environment, and we believe every building should tell our community’s story and provide an emotional connection to the people who occupy them. By creating this sense of place for every building, we believe our communities will thrive now and for future generations.