msum lommen hall

Location: Minnesota State University, Moorhead, MN


Lommen Hall, originally constructed in 1932, is home to offices for Elementary and Early Childhood Education, Secondary Education, and Special Education programs at Minnesota State University Moorhead. The on-campus Child Care Center, Counseling and Student Services, Social Work, Sociology, and Anthropology departments also share this historic campus building. This renovation project restored and preserved the historic building envelope. Nearly 80,000 S.F. of interior classroom, office and Early Childhood facilities were transformed into a modern, higher education learning center rich in technology, adaptable learning environments and spaces for student faculty interaction.

Early Childhood Learning Center: New classrooms were constructed to accommodate the various children’s sizes and learning capabilities. This was approached by using the appropriate scale furniture and providing the instructors storage for the various learning tools. The design facilitated instructors being able to communicate without leaving their classrooms by having adjoining split doors that allowed the upper portion to be open for visual and audio communication. Close attention was paid to security and access for parents. Security features include using cameras, and window shades that allow one-way viewing out but not in from the street.

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